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Official Name: “The Pit” Location: Mexico City Client: Private – Can’t disclose Architect: Agustin Pizá Concept: Agustin Pizá Draft: Abril Ortiz Render: Andrew Harris Landscape: Pedro Sanchez Project Manager: Ruben Arenas Design Team: Pizá Golf Engineers: Turfgrass Consultancy, Jon Scott Consultancy, Paul Granger (Irrigation Designer), Llewellyn Matthews (Revetted Bunker Specialist Installation) Build: Pizá Golf Suppliers: Ecobunker, Tee to Green Seeds, Toro Company, AquaFuse Irrigation Systems Lighting Designer: Site One Lighting Project Sector: High-end Estates Project Completion Date: June 2020 Photographer: Pizá Golf


Pizá Golf, recognized internationally for its innovative approach to golf course architecture which blends traditional British fundamentals with contemporary designs from North America – is proud to announce that the company’s private collection continues to gain awareness and grow as the golf industry experiences a resurgence to the game.

In 2020, this award-winning design captured the world’s attention with its innovative, private, practice facility called, “The Pit” -- coined after the central, revetted bunker. It is a ‘golf lounge’ practice area on the grounds of a client’s private estate. This prominent project and its concept expanded the company and its offerings to include its private collection of golf designs.

The flagship, “The Pit” is located in the heart of Mexico City which is a concrete jungle and the metamorphosis can be done anywhere with a smaller footprint. The golf facility has five tee boxes that span up to 80 yards in the distance which are positioned to reach one segmented, free form green. For different levels of play, there are multiple flag positions and hazards. There are distinct shot values and angles so the quality of golf is genuine within the serene environment. It can be a challenging or relaxing experience.

This never before seen Pizá Golf design concept is replicable and flexible, in order to adapt to its surroundings. In addition to private estate usages, this concept can be used for hotels, clubhouses, and restaurants.

Pizá Golf and its goal are to create the most original private home design for a high-profile client. They execute the design and deliver a turn-key operation to the client through supervision, quality control, and project management services.

The grass sculpture by Pizá Golf provides a great sense of pride and ownership as guests enjoy a game of golf, individual wellness, socializing, and a touch of nightlife.