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© Bob Canfield Photography


Designer: Studio Schicketanz Photo Credits: Tim Griffith Photography / Joe Fletcher Photography/Bob Canfield Photography


Celebrating the land, sustainability and the power of architecture to make us feel safe is this net zero residence located in Clint Eastwood’s coveted Carmel Valley Tehama community. Situated at the edge of a mixed forest that features a signature and compelling oak tree is a virgin site with gentle sloping meadow. Primarily wanting a contemporary design, the clients chose the traditional agricultural architecture of the Valley, as well as the indoor/outdoor lifestyle the region’s warm climate provides. Respecting the site, simple shapes formed of local stone, traditional board and batt siding and metal roofing were used by the Architect.

Considering the client’s inherent affection for the region’s natural beauty, the entire ocean frontage of this residence was rebuilt without increasing square footage of the built area. A terraced roof design is created to maximize views; a master suite adjacent to a living, green roof is accommodated in the southern half of the residence. Giving foreground to the architecture, the designs prominent trellises filter light on both levels. Inside, the home’s soft palettes are reflected in the delicate white oak floors and locally sourced stone that was hand-selected for the in-home pizza oven. A Christopher Peacock kitchen and custom marble pieces, carved from a solid marble block, further ground the elegance of the open-plan space.

The design of the house was organised by the designers around a central cleared knoll, prioritizing outdoor space with a deep analysis for the ways a structure can fuse with a specific ecology. Textured stone walls give ascent to control cement steps that lead to a crisply modernist structure. A shaded trellis wrapping the structure is created by the detailed geometric framing and a cantilevered roof. From the dappled light hitting the stone to the majestic tree reflecting on the house’s expansive glass facade, Light is at play everywhere, this result into a unique vernacular modern architecture.

Overlooking the Monterey Bay and Point Lobos to the north is this stunningly modern Carmel Highlands residence. Constructed of stone and exposed wood is this 6,414 square foot home with an earthy feel and the effect of being nestles into the hillside. With the help of a local biologist and horticulturist, Studio Schicketanz mitigated the visual impact of the home above by densely plating each of the exposed roof decks. Once inside, an open floor plan with the main living space featuring a sophisticated series of rooms. Taking advantage of the marvelous ocean views, the floor to ceiling glass doors opening onto a large patio.