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Project Name: TIRSATINE RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS Type of Project: Residential Design Location: Azazga, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria. Architects: Atelier Messaoudi Architects Contractor: Private Client Project completion date: 2015 Photographer:  Atelier Messaoudi Architects


The Tirsatine collective residential buildings are located downtown Azazga, in the region of Kabylia, Algeria. The project lays on a 2000sqm plot of land. It totalizes 36 housing units spread over four buildings, underground parking lots and 1500sqm of commercial area, all on a 12% slope.

As a result of a research work on the fence and the metallic shutters to insure safety and intimacy, the contemporary architecture of these buildings includes an evocation of patterns from Amazigh culture, applied to the moucharabiehs on the buildings’ facade. Furthermore, local stones have been used for the base of the construction and artisan mosaics decorate the interior of the building.

Out of the four buildings, the first one, which overlooks the national road, dedicates its two lower floors to commercial activities on top of which lay four floors of simplex and duplex housing units. As this building benefits from a double orientation, its two main facades are pierced with large bay windows protected by moucharabiehs. The remaining two facades are pierced with a set of window slots that punctuate the gable walls and ensure the necessary lighting to the interior spaces. The remaining three buildings are juxtaposed. They each have an underground parking lot and four levels of dwellings.

The Tirsatine Residential buildings project is considered as a complete exercise, which aims to meet the requirements of a local way of life in a correct manner and in accordance with the practices of the inhabitants based on their environment.